Vic Vivid

Much of my life has been spent practicing art. It’s a medium that’s grabbed my attention since the 6th grade and a passion that I’ve pursued ever since.

After attending Magnet Art schools as a youth, art and the culture which surrounds it has become a way of life for me. Years later after graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Automotive Design, tattoos were the furthest thing from my mind. I had always thought of tattoos as an art form that faced too many limitations for artists, but little did I realize how much I didn’t know about the amazing medium. Fast forward to a few years after graduating, and I found the downturn of the economy made it difficult to find a job. It wasn’t until a friend asked me to design tattoos that I finally realized what I was missing.

In short, I got into tattooing as a means to survive while looking for a job and soon enough, I realized that tattooing not only helped me to survive, it gave me life.

Becoming a tattoo artist has truly invigorated me and brought me back to life and to be honest – I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In short, I became consumed with the culture and started studying the greats such as Nikko Hurtado, Nick Baxter, Bob Tyrell, Gunnar, Victor Portugal, etc., and after seeing the high quality of work they were producing, I was no longer blinded by previously ignorant judgements.  I became really passionate about being able to accomplish my visions through art on skin the same way I would do with any other medium and I have been very fortunate to have had talented artists around me to teach me; as well as to find dedicated people who trusted me to permanently create on their skin.

“I became really passionate about being able to accomplish my visions through art on skin.“ – Vic Vivid –

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